32 Best Thrillers In Movie History

The thriller movie genre is largely misunderstood. Too often it gets stuck at cross purposes with horror, and the two become almost imperceptibly intertwined, even though they are distinct classifications with miles of difference between them. As the name suggests, thrillers are more psychological, intending to induce thrills, or sensations of anxiety and excitement, while horror is meant to induce fear, terror, and, as anyone who has read words might expect: Horror. Thrillers are meant to be realistic, or present a mostly realistic world where ambiguous or unknown quantities create a sense of suspense which comes from not knowing if forces around the characters are good or bad. Horror relies on more supernatural additives to amp up the fear factor. A horror film should leave you frightened. A thriller should do more, leaving you wondering and uneasy, as much titillated as terrified. These 32 films are the masterworks in the genre.

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