14 Friendliest Countries In The World To Outsiders

Even the most patriotic person will sometimes look at their home and ask themselves Why do I live here? Maybe inept political leaders who misspell tap on Twitter are driving you away, or perhaps you just hate the elitist snobs that spend their days looking down on you and long for the simple beach life, far from your landlocked nation. The trouble is, the world is a big place, so if you decide to go anywhere else, where to choose? Theres innumerable options to consider with benefits and drawbacks galore. How to know where the best places to live are, and what the places are actually like? Well, if youre looking for a nation where the people tend to be open and welcoming of foreigners, which few are, then youre quite fortunate that InterNations has produced a list of the most friendly countries in the world where expats (or immigrants as youll be known when you leave your nation of origin) are typically welcomed with open arms.

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