17 Most Amazing Terrible Cars Ever Built

A beautiful car is a thing of wonder. They are magical machines that are somehow more than the sum of their parts. They are freedom and cool personified. A gorgeous car can make the most homely seem interesting and attractive, and can turn an ordinary garage into a workshop of wonders. On the other end, a bad car is a black hole for money, a frightening conveyance to drive, and can turn heads, whether you want it to or not. While theres a lot of good cars that arent exceptional, and a lot of bad cars that arent either, theres very few that are the best of both worlds. To that end, on this day, we celebrate the 17 best worst cars ever produced by the automotive industry. Some you can buy, some youre going to need to build yourself, because everyone wants to pretend they didnt happen. Heres the top of the bottom of the automotive world.

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