Caja Collection Organization Design Project

We are Sprout, a furniture startup located in Provo, Utah with a small team of designers, marketers, and manufacturers. Since Clark Davis founded our company in 2011, we have developed and produced simple, modern, tool-less furniture. Here are Clarks thoughts about our newest collection. We have been working on a new line, the Caja Collection hoping to enhance the utility and beauty of small living arrangements. We wanted to bring storage into the spaces we use everyday while enhancing the aesthetic quality of those spaces. My family (wife, son and one on the way) live in a small basement apartment. Our front room serves many functions, including playroom, which has created a special tension as it is a common space and our needs are different. This project was first an effort to ease that tension and return to the calm that a home should provide (clean) while not stifling my son's creative explorations (not always clean). The collection is composed of stackable wooden containers. These crates are made from 100% Baltic birch, and are extremely durable and lightweight. They assemble easily using our patented tool-less joint which leverages the natural properties of wood, high-precision CNC machining, and the principles of artisan joinery. The joint is reusable so the boxes can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly. Stackable and modular, users can easily customize a Caja set which matches their needs. Three color options, five different compartment sizes, configurable dividers, optional hanging file rails, three lid options, and several legged bases come together in finished products which can fulfill a variety of roles. The product is made in our Provo warehouse utilizing lean, single-operation manufacturing, allowing us to offer the product at an affordable price point. In the past we have used MDF in many of our products, but with this collection wanted to move to a higher quality material. I have been in love with Baltic birch and its visible plies since I first encountered it in my dads workshop as a kid. I just wanted to make something, anything out of it. Back in 2010 my first prototypes of a desk (that never made it to production) were out of Baltic Birch, but the cost pushed our price point higher than we wanted. Affordability has always been important to us as a company, and with this project we took a new dive into design and explored variations of our tool-less joint with additional inspiration from artisan wood joinery techniques and were able to develop a joint that assembles very easily, can be flush or even hidden, and is much stronger that previous joints, and allows us to use a Baltic Birch, but less of it, ultimately leading to a more affordable product. Our hope is that products like this will enhance the sometimes limited and multipurpose spaces we live in. If this might fit into an article, we would be delighted.


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