Fish and Grapes

The "Fish and Grapes" project stems from the desire to unite the retail sale of fisheries products with the administration of beverages and fresh seafood as well as eat it immediately after it caught in a pescereccio. This dual function and "vision" has pushed the project to create two different environments communicate with each other, despite the difference in atmosphere, thanks to the use of materials. The warm wood and shiny and cold ceramics intersect with each other by differentiating the sales area (colder and aseptic) with the area of administration (more warm and cozy). The three-dimensional elements they reflect light and sparkle like fish scales. The element that binds the environments is ceiling. A large blue wave which starts from the exhibition area of the fresh fish "flooding" the rest of the terminado space with a sinuous curve and strings ending in bright ampoules. A poetic vision as fishermen who collect the nets from the sea, here declined in sculptural way, summary and at the same time functional. The lighting is diffused and adjustable with dimmers so as to propose appropriate atmospheres as if we were outdoors. The design aims to give the customer / viewer a unique experience where art and architecture come together in a concept of "ancestral" of marriage between food and nature.


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