Grab Your Socks: 11 Military Packing Secrets That Save Space

The military does teach people to kill one another, but thats actually not as big a part of it as you might imagine. Theres also learning about discipline, medicine, teamwork, leadership, survival, machines, technology, languages, international relations, and something we all can use: Packing tactics. Anyone whos ever been to an airport has seen a member of the service in their fatigues, ready to ship out yet only hauling around their sole duffel containing their life. While these people plan to be gone for months, and youre going only for three days to see your unlikable cousin get married before you, they have somehow condensed their supplies while you have two suitcases before your laptop bag and European Carryall even enter the conversation. That means its time to learn what they know and put government secrets to good purpose. You dont need a specialized carry-on with fourteen hundred compartments to make an impact on your packing, nor do you need any kind of weird equipment that sucks the air out of your clothes to get a tight fit in whatever bag you have around. All you need to do is ask a few Marines how they do it and listen to their replies. Heres what theyll tell you.


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