Real Mixology Starts With The 16 Best Blended Scotch Whiskies

Most attention gets lavished on single malt whiskies merely because theyre harder to produce than blended scotches. Though some will swear one way or another, theres really little difference between a blended and single malt, blended options merely have the luxury of using multiple scotches mixed together to get the desired flavor, rather than needing to accomplish it all with distilling practices, the way you do with a single malt that cannot be mixed. Though a single malt is more pure, it doesnt actually bear any other benefits, and often is saddled with gaps in flavor because it cant be rounded out by adding in another malt to make the mix ever more delightful. Though purists and the pretentious will try to sell you on single malt only, by going the blended route you open up the possibilities of more flavor combinations, such as a peaty Islay whipped together with a grassy lowland for a span of tastes that sweep you across Scotland. The choices and effects are immense in blended scotches, which is why everyone should take a moment to mix it up with the 16 best blended scotch options out there.


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