16 Most Stylish and Protective Raincoats for Wet Weather

Despite living on a planet that is absolutely covered in water, we seem to forever be caught in a drought. Which means on some level, were always praying for rain to help revitalize crops, ensure clean water from the tap, and allow us to take a good 15-minute shower everyday like a person. Then again, if youre headed to work on your slick commuter bike or donning your best leather dress shoes for a night on the town, the last thing you want is a cloudburst. Which is why you need a quality raincoat to shrug off the weather while looking like at least a thousand bucks. Weve chosen a combination of rain gear for every activity and any style, so whether youre walking the dog, hiking the hills, or spending a night bar-hopping downtown Miami, youve got something to keep you dry without looking like a military poncho. Unless a military poncho is what youre going for, in which case you should hit your nearest military supply store.

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