Savvy Travelers Reveal 15 Ways To Save Money On Car Rentals

Traveling is tough, particularly on your wallet. Every hotel wants to hit you with resort fees, youll be eating at more expensive restaurants, and sometimes the airline will throw you off a plane for no reason. One of the worst offenders in the battle for your bucks is the car rental counter, where some of the worst people in the world seem to work. Point of fact, its often not the fault of the desk agent that they seem like such greedy bastards. Its actually the policy of rental car agencies to bilk you for every cent they possibly can. That industry is a tough one to turn a profit, so they have to be bloodthirsty. The good news for you is that if you play smart, you can avoid most of those hidden charges and fees, leaving more scratch in your pocket to be taken by the neighborhood muggers in Rio. Each of these tips are tried and tested by jet-setters from around the world, who have to make every penny count.


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