The Inside Outside House

The Inside Outside House is a prefabricated, modular, movable, building system. It consists of a series of segments of various sizes made of wood support frames, and clad with concrete composite materials. Each of these prefabricated segments can be trucked to nearly any site where they are placed onto the ground with little site preparation needed. The segments are bolted together into many different kinds of configurations, depending on the specific functional and/or aesthetic requirements. These segments (shown in white) make up the enclosed and insulated portion of the Inside Outside House. In this design, the insulated segments have been connected together after they were shifted side by side into a staggered configuration. The spaces in-between the staggered segments were filled in with large glass panels. In addition to the white insulated segments, a series slotted green painted wood segments have been added onto both ends of the white enclosed portion of the house. These segments are used to extend the living space of the house into the outdoors. All of these segments shade the deck spaces below, and some of them have places to sit or lay built in. Others form partial enclosures for vegetation that is incorporated into the outdoor living space. Solar panels have been added to two of the white segments in order to generate heat and electricity from the sun for use in and around the house. This specific small Inside Outside House was designed for two people as a weekend retreat. In general, the design of the Inside Outside House was meant to blur the lines between living inside of a structure, or outside of it. The best use of this particular configuration would of course be in a temperate climate.


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