The Interactive Radius Light

Those who encounter the Interactive Radius Light can change the intensity and/or quality of the light emitted from the center column, by rotating each of the four curved panels around it, in many different configurations. The lights structure is 14 inches in diameter, and 18 inches tall. An energy efficient light bulb is contained inside of a 5-inch diameter by 10-inch tall translucent cylinder, which is mounted at the center. This cylinder also supports the four nested curved panels that can be rotated around it from four center pivot points. In the closed position, the panels form a larger broken cylinder that encloses the center column of light from view, except for the light that bleeds out between each of the nested curved panels. As the different sized panels are rotated in different ways around the center-illuminated column, the intensity and quality of that light changes, as well as the shape of the entire Radius Light structure. In this way, the interactivity allows the user to manipulate the shape of the light as well as the shape of the structure in unexpected integrated ways.


Materialized by

michael jantzen

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