The Transfusium - Table Sculpture

The sculpture highlights the whimsical approaches to humane cures of the past. The idea that an "idea" can cure must have been the premise and as such no scientific facts support the use of these devices. Indeed many of the devices put forth were so intimidating patients reported being cured just by seeing them. ... and thus we have Quack Devices and Quack Medicine. Simple enough - create something grand - something questionable - something suitable for the Queen of England. Back Story: The antique pressurized specimen jar contains a rare Octopus whose venom (ink) contains mysterious cleansing and rejuvenating properties which are extracted by exciting the cadaver with a laser. The Octopus cadaver is fed a supply of hi-lipoprotein mononuclear extract which brews in the laboratory explosion-resistant vessel. The concoction is secreted from the antique syringe ... "The Extraordinary Art of Curiosity!"


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