Cooks Guide To Making the Perfect Charcuterie Plate

Assembling the perfect charcuterie platter seems like an easy feat. You go down to the deli, you get whatever smoked meats and cheeses seem best, you cut them up and serve them with a lot of wine and scotch. In fact, most of us dont even do the cutting ourselves, since were already at the deli. Well, cats and kittens, the truth is that method isnt going to quite hack it, pardon the pun. Like floral arrangement or interior decorating, anyone can do it, but to do it really well and have a truly delightful not to mention delicious effect, you have to have a plan. The good news is, this plan doesnt need to be set in stone, and theres lots of room for improvisation. It doesnt take long to learn how the professional charcuterie maestros go about their task and once you have the fundamentals down for building your board, you can begin to experiment, taking your game to new not to mention delicious, again heights. Heres how to go at it.


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