Wearing Suspenders With a Belt and 20 Other Fashion Mistakes

The sartorial world seems dense and oddly complicated, considering all youre doing is putting some sackcloth over your naked body so that no one arrests you. Theres rules about how to wear your dress shoes with jeans, when its ok to don boat shoes for business meetings, and how to button a double-breasted suit. Thats too much information for a guy on the go who just wants to look good and keep his family jewels on lock. But knowing these rules is how you go from being dressed to truly wearing your clothes, before they end up wearing you. The trick to fashion is the same as sports. You have to know the rules so that you can learn which ones you can bend, which ones you can break, and which ones you need before you go into that job interview, high-powered client meeting, or out with that fine filly (or fella) you wish to impress. To cut through the noise, weve found the 21 most common fashion mistakes guys make and tell you why they exist and how to avoid making them. Its how to make your Style-Fu strong like bear.

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