How To Pick a Lock in 8 Simple Steps

Picking locks has been a maligned skill for far too long. The common belief is that lock-picking is a skill that only criminals would have, yet rarely do actual criminals ever take the time and care to pick a lock. They kick in doors, break windows, and show a general disregard for property, since theyre only interested in the goods stored inside. Lock-picking is actually used by clandestine government operatives who dont want their presence to be known, by professionals who want to gain entry without damage, and by ordinary people who sometimes find themselves locked out of their own home who dont want to pay the exorbitant fees of a locksmith. Being able to pick locks wont make you a criminal, but it will certainly allow you the confidence of knowing that should you, a friend, family member, or loved one ever need to get through a locked door, youll be able to provide a useful service. You may also need to check on an elderly or infirm person who may be hurt or in need of help.


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