How to Use a Barometer To Understand Weather and Air Pressure

In a world of fake news, false promises, and increasing climate disasters, it always behooves us to be aware of our surroundings, and to never trust the misinformation being pumped into our homes through every screen we have available. Ask yourself, how many times have the so-called experts lied to you about the weather, claiming rain when there was shine; predicting warmth when only cold greeted you; or saying it was partly cloudy when any fool could look out and see it was mostly cloudy? Meteorologists are charlatans who peddle false weather reports to increase ratings, which is why so many weather women are so curvaceous and fetching so youll be distracted from their hogwash. This is why you need a barometer and to know how to read it; to defeat the impostors posing as weather gurus.


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