Mexican Champagne: The 19 Best Tequilas en el Mundo

According to the law, to bear the name tequila, a spirit must be made in the region outside of Guadalajara, or in segments of four various Mexican states. For it to be good, it must be 100% Blue Agave, though this is split into several categories: Tequila Silver, Blanco, Plata, White; Tequila Platinum; Tequila Gold, Joven Oro; Tequila Reposado; Tequila Aejo aka extra aged between one and three years and Tequila Extra Aejo aka extra, extra aged, which is a relatively new category that is anything aged more than 3 years. Theres great tequilas all over the board, but traditionally the best of the best are made with the ancient Tahona process wherein a massive volcanic stone crushes the cooked and shredded agave to squeeze out the juice. This juice and fibers are fermented in wooden casks to create mosto. The mosto is then distilled with the fibers and then without. At last it is filtered, bottled, shipped, and enjoyed. Not all tequila fantstico is made this way, as youll see from our best tequilas in the world.


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