20 Smart, Simple Ways to Reduce Allergies In Your Home

As we age, our bodies get steadily weaker, by small degrees. Everything we put into them ends up coming back to haunt us, which changes how we function. This means that with each passing day, month, and year, were slowly deteriorating. One way that many notice this is in allergies. Our resistance to environmental factors alters, causing us ever more distress as what we eat, what we breathe, and what we drink erodes our system. So, you can anticipate ever worsening allergies to food, air pollution, pollen, and tactile irritants so long as you stay on this mortal coil. To help prevent these things from overwhelming you, its important to fight back by reducing allergens of all kinds in your environment. Heres 20 ways to reduce you allergies in the one place where you have control: your home.

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