Alpine Extravagance: A Look Inside One of Frances Best Luxury Ski Chalet

A vacation that drenches you in unparalleled extravagance even as you take in the sight of pristine white ski slopes and majestic alps all around, Chalet Mont Tremblant is truly one of a kind. Nestled in the world-famous ski resort of Mribel, this amazing getaway in the French Alps was awarded the title of the best luxury chalet in France for 2016 and that is barely a surprise. Of course, that accolade at World Ski Awards is an understatement when you consider the sheer opulence, grandeur and timeless aura at this ultra-lavish ski chalet. Housing 12 guests comfortably, the chalet consists of a master suite that is spread across the entire first and 5 additional bedrooms with fireplaces.


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