12 Tricks to Get Travel Upgrades Without Demanding Them

Commonly, the advice for how to get an upgrade at your hotel, your flight, or your car rental company was to generally be a pest. By hassling the poor wage slaves who work there, you could essentially berate them into giving you free stuff. This hard sell approach has fallen into disuse in recent years, partly due to the advent of viral videos that shame troublesome customers and allow employees to prove that they did their job without caving to pressure from the rude and malcontent among us. But, if harassment isnt going to get us free upgrades, we need another tactic. In fact, many have found that going the other direction from the previously held belief is actually the best way to be given the world on a silver platter. By being exceptionally nice and doing a few courteous things, you can quickly ingratiate yourself to those who have the power to help you, and you dont need to be an obnoxious, entitled knob while you do it. For you gentler folk, heres 12 travel tips to getting free upgrades on everything.

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