Black Ember is a team of designers working at the intersection of technical backpack design and urban lifestyle. We are proud to present our most advanced design ever : The NEW CITADEL COLLECTION. The CITADEL is a minimal utilitarian pack made for urban lifestyles. The clean modern design aesthetic and premium performance textiles are right at home in the city; and the airflow back-panel, 3-D shoulder straps & IPX-06 waterproof rated construction make it clear that this pack can go anywhere. THE NEW CITADEL COLLECTION features our latest performance textile : the 800-Denier 3-Layer Micro-Hex in Deep Black. This textile is specified to reduce reflection and keep you stealthy. Our proprietary laser-cut and bonded construction yields an IPX-06 waterproof rating. This means that its built to stay dry even when sprayed with a 1,000 PSI water jet. We leverage technical fit and functional knowledge from our outdoor performance design background to give the CITADEL great support, comfort & balance - even under heavy loads. The CITADELs body contoured back-panel is a composite construction that maintains a shape that hugs your back. Our airflow channel funnels hot air off your back and keeps you dry. Our 3-D shoulder straps are crafted from two layers of EVA foam. One maintains structure and the other creates a soft body conscious fit. Both make for a comfy ride - even when your pack is fully loaded. We offer the CITADEL in two variants : MINIMAL and MODULAR. The CITADEL MINIMAL is a sleek, discreet, minimal urban backpack. The CITADEL MODULAR is a pack-system that adapts on the fly - adjusting to your daily needs. The CITADEL MODULAR is complimented by a range of modular accessories - we call them MODs. Our latest generation MODs feature instantly secure magnetic hardware. Once the magnets lock onto your pack, simply click the fail-safe clasp into place to ensure total security. You choose MODs built to keep your gear organized and protected. The new SPORT PACK stores your gym stuff, including sneakers. With four unique modular pouches and a range of straps, you can spec out your CITADEL MODULAR as you see it. Whether youre headed to the city streets, or halfway around the world, Black Ember keeps you in performance comfort and your gear fully protected.


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