The Bengal tiger is a striking grand cat whose features and behavior are legendary and whose face is now being illuminated in Martin Pierces new door handle. The door pull is UL listed and illuminated by an energy efficient low voltage LED strip that is weatherproof. The handle is made in 316 stainless steel and is corrosion resistant and durable. The tiger design was created as a black and white drawing with the black areas representing areas that would be left as solid steel and the white areas being the cut-out sections where the light source would shine through. Pierces biggest challenge was my greatest challenge was in deciding where to create perforations in a way that kept the markings of the tiger but without compromising the strength of the panel. In nature the Bengal tigers black markings are separate and unconnected but in my panel they needed to interlock. Color changing door handles take shape as Tigers and Sea creatures in these Illuminated door panels by Martin Pierce This is the latest in Martin Pierces collection of illuminated door pulls, all are directly wired with 22 gauge fine wires that are fed through the door frame into the decorative door panel. The power is typically delivered to the door through an electric hinge and then conveyed to the handle through a low gauge harness that comes with the fixture and is ready for connection to a class 2 power supply. To date there are 3 designs, Fish, Coral and now Tiger in this series and Pierce plans to willow leaf design later this year.

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