15 Knitted Slipper Sock Patterns

When it comes to knitting socks, there are countless awesome patterns around, as well as countless stunning sock yarns to choose from! Socks might seem a little intimidating to beginners, but in reality theyre quite easy to do once youve got some practice. Theyre also completely addictive! After a while, however, we do like to switch things up and try different variations of our favourite things to knit. Thats how we ended up loving the process of knitting slipper socks so much! Many slipper socks are made the same way that classic socks are but with thicker, warmer wool and, since you dont usually wear your slippers in public, the designs are colour choices are often a little wilder! Check out these 15 awesome slipper sock patterns that youll have a total blast making and you, your family, and your friends will adore wearing.

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