19 Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Unless youre one of the three people on the planet who just cant keep weight on or you have some kind of destructive illness, you probably want to drop a pound or two or eighty-nine. The issue with losing that weight is you also cant add more exercise to your overloaded daily schedule, dont want to give up food the one good thing in your life hate kale, or are eating to help you cope with the pain and stress of existing in this post-modern hell. We get it. Losing weight sucks like nothing else. But, a bigger waistline means more strain on your heart, a shorter lifespan, less sex, and the simple sense that youre not quite your best self. While your weight certainly doesnt define you, and wed rather you be a good person than merely a thin one, it would help to be able to feel better about the packaging. Since this is the era of instant gratification, we also want it to happen right bloody now! Thats where these 19 tips and tactics for fast (and hopefully lasting) weight loss come in.

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