Desarrollo Dr. Vertiz

Aware of the need to revitalize old areas of Mexico City, ARCO Arquitectura Contempornea designed and built this 36 apartment building, giving the middle income housing a functional and dignified design within its category. The main challenge was to design inside a very narrow lot the right number of apartments to be able to take advantage of the housing density the authority allows. The optimum use of the spaces was one of the main premises. This project demonstrates that taking care of the cost of investment is not at conflict with achieving an attractive design; at the same time, a contemporary image was sought for this development, for which was used apparent concrete with details of enameled bricks, perforated plates and vibrant yellow accents as visual endings of certain zones. The project is divided in 3 elements of 2 departments each, thus achieving an optimized distribution in terms of internal circulations. The faade design covered with a ceramic material creates a random game of hollow and solid blocks emphasized with flown balconies with light, generating a reflex of mobility and urbanism. It is evident that natural light is an important factor in the interiors of the apartments, in addition it was also contemplated the use of rainwater that falls on the roof for the use of toilets. This is how this building achieves a well-balanced image and its design contemplates the value and functionality that each apartment should have for its inhabitants


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