Sweat The Small Stuff: 17 DIY Room Decor Tips

Every home might be your personal castle, your sanctuary, and an escape from the cruel, cruel world, but that doesnt mean every room is big enough to help you accomplish your interior decorating dreams. Likewise, you might be living in a tiny 4th-floor walk-up in the great NYC, spending your days in a tiny dorm, hiding out from the police manhunt in a miniature crash pad, or languishing in a prison cell because you werent smart enough to evade the long arm of the law. In any case, you have a small space or single room you want to decorate and maximize, making it look good and function well. For that, you need some room decorating tips you can DIY, preferably on a budget. By using the tips below, you can quickly and easily make the smallest of spaces into a cozy little nest that is worth showing off and does everything you need.

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