Lamboo - Bamboo BentoHomes Accessory Dwelling Unit

The Bento Dwelling Unit is the flagship ADU model from Bento Homes, it features a number of innovative design solutions to create a highly flexible space that, while open to the beautiful Hawaiian outdoors, can still provide comfortable, private living. A majority of the ADU is crafted from Lamboo - rapidly renewable engineered bamboo products to create a sustainable impact in the world. At less than 400 square feet, the Bento Dwelling Unit can be built on any lot over 3500 square feet. Despite its small footprint the Bento Dwelling Unit can live large with two separate rooms and a fully outfitted bathroom. The Bento Dwelling Unit with standard features equipped, features a large kitchen with plenty of counter space, a fully enclosed second room which can be used as a bedroom, office or meeting room and a fully functional bathroom. Our selection of furniture modules allows for creative use of the space with expandable tables, fold up beds, and moving television sets. Our enclosable decking option lets you capture exterior deck space to create a larger, private indoor/outdoor living room.


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