Cable and Satellite Free: How To Cut The Cord In 11 Steps

Cable and satellite companies have long been gouging customers, because buyers didnt have the option to take control of their airwaves. We were subjected to whatever channels these companies felt like giving us, for whatever price they felt like charging. Then we were emboldened by the Internet. Using digital streaming services, we had the option of cutting the cord: canceling our cable and satellite subscriptions to watch our stories on our computer. With a combination of services like Netflix and Hulu, many have successfully found affordable freedom, and you can too. Or, at least come close. Those who are thinking of cutting the cord, or have already started scaling back use of cable and satellite TV services need to go about this with their eyes open. Otherwise theyll find themselves frustrated to no end with how they must live away from the gatekeepers of television. The more heavily you rely on television for your entertainment, the tougher the transition is going to be for you, and those you love. Follow the steps slowly and wholly and youll be closer to free.


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