Sky notebook

Sky notebook is a 2IN1 DESIGN studio product. Neat and compact it will benefit your image and it can also be a great present to those who values beautiful things. Hard cover, 170 pages writing block with 100 g/m2 density, dotted paper. There is a personal information section and an introductory page from the designer. There is also a ribbon bookmark inside. Sky notebook size 8.3x5.8. Each page contains the artwork fragment. All fragments are combined by the same topic - the sky as an embodiment of the great, sublime, spiritual and infinite. We used fragments of the masterpieces from the biggest US museums. Our goal was to create an esthetically attractive notebook that would in the same time play an educating role. Every page contains a QR code that redirects to the corresponding fragment painting page to find more information about its name, author, host museum and the complete version of the painting. Now you can get to know the world masterpieces by simply opening Sky notebook. Creative person should always maintain his inner art flame. Sky notebook is the best option to help it. Discover and create masterpieces every day.


Materialized by

Alena Morgunova

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