Stylish Silicone from Concertex

Concertex introduces a Silicone Hybrid pattern, Pascal a unique, large-scale plaid. The stylish upholstery is constructed with 100% silicone on the top, layered over a polyurethane base. This new and innovative technology allows for the transfer printed product to be embossed creating depth and adding texture to the design. Offered in six clear, clean colorways, Pascal has it all. From cool breezy blues in the colorway Sea Breeze, to the vibrant hues in Fireside the silicone hybrid pattern is classically hip. With a wear test of over 200,000 double rubs, inherently Graffiti-free qualities, and bleach cleanable Pascal is fit for all high-traffic environments that crave style, pizazz, and of course durability.


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