the interactive modular folding pavilion

The Interactive Modular Folding Pavilion The Interactive Modular Folding Pavilion was designed as an exploration into the potentials of a new kind of responsive structure that merges art, design, and architecture. The pavilion consists of four different types of steel folding panels and support frames that vary in length and width. Each of the steel frames support two panels that are hinged together at the center, and fixed into position at one end. These hinged panels and support frame assemblages can be connected together in many different ways forming many different sizes and shaped pavilions. All of the support frames contain an electric motor that is attached to a series of cables and pulleys. The cables are also attached to one end of the hinged panels, which are fitted with rollers that run in tracks, allowing the panels to be pulled back and forth over the support frames. When the hinged panels are pulled back and forth, they move from a flat surface into many different configurations that can change the entire shape of the pavilion. This shape shifting can be controlled automatically by the use of a computer program that dictates the pattern of movement, and/or by visitors to the pavilion who can move each of the hinged panels by pressing a button mounted at the base of each support frame. In this way, the visitors can create their own variations of the structure in real time. Some of the hinged panels can also be fitted with solar panels that can supply the power needed to operate the electric motors, and to light the pavilion at night.


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