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During transport, your shipment may be exposed to adverse environments resulting from weather conditions, vehicle vibration and more or less frequent handling in the various places where it travels. That's why, so that your package arrives in the best possible conditions for your recipient, quality packaging is essential. When your products are transported by express courier with those of other users, an adequate and correctly labeled packaging allows professionals to deliver your parcels in perfect condition and within the defined deadlines. Outside package Sending multi-parcels: There are many solutions to pack and protect your shipments. The packaging must provide adequate protection for the product. The materials used must be clean and must not cause external or internal damage. Do not use original manufacturer's packaging, even new ones. They are usually designed for shipments on pallets or to attract the eye and not for individual shipments. Therefore, double packaging is essential. Check that the manufacturer's original box is in good condition. Select a new box for transportation at least 10 cm longer than the original box in all dimensions. Fill this new box with appropriate cushioning materials. Carefully wrap all fittings and flaps with pressure-sensitive self-adhesive tape including fiber-reinforced adhesive paper. The ribbon should be at least 5 cm wide. Avoid using tape, it is cheap but also not very resistant, it is reserved for office use. Strapping is the ideal way to strengthen your package, but a loose strapping is useless while too tight it can damage the box by cutting the cardboard. A metal strapping is necessary for very heavy and voluminous loads as well as for wooden crates. Avoid all overflow elements and do not use strings, straps or handles. Inside packing The inner packaging ensures the protection of the parcel during its distribution so use padding materials to prevent the contents of your package moving is essential. The space between the transported object and the packaging must be filled with protective padding (loose insulation, bubble plastic and foam). Old newspapers may be useful, however because of the ink deposit, cleaning after unpacking will probably be necessary. For better protection, buy preferably bull pack sheets. There are a lot of materials to consider before sending parcels: Bulk Insulation: Intended to fill the void around light items and not very fragile, these insulators can move or settle during transport and damage more easily the goods. To be effective, it is necessary to place at least 5-6 cm of insulation on all sides of the packaging. It is generally used in double packaging. Plastic with air bubbles: This bubble wrap offers good cushioning for light objects. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to all forms of object and it cuts to the desired dimensions to pack more easily your shipments. It should not be used for heavy objects as they may pierce air bubbles and cause the material to lose all its protective qualities. Paper padding: Paper padding can be useful for large items, it is not fragile and very convenient for filling empty spaces. Mandatory labeling On each of your parcels, put on the larger side of the box a label that clearly shows the address of the recipient and yours. Always mention the postal code and the recipient's phone; the postal code must be that of a postal address, we do not deliver the post office boxes. In the cheap office stationery Adelaide you will find these labes. Make sure all labels are stuck securely. If necessary, it is preferable to remove all old labels from the packaging, for example remove the signs of dangerous material such as diamond markings or even barcodes corresponding to the transport carried out later. Professionals remember to close your package with a copy of the label with the address and phone number of the recipient at the time of wholesale packaging Perth.

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