NappaTile to Debut First Showroom at NeoCon 50

NappaTiles new showroom (suite 1064) is set to debut at NeoCon 50 along with a new collection and introduction of the brands acoustic faux-leather wall tiles. Pushing the boundaries of expected design, the new space is curated to captivate its audience. Parting from the standard white showroom, the dark backdrop creates a black envelope designed to highlight the graphic, vivid panels of functional wall art. Enthralled by the contemporary esthetics of pop art, the NappaTile showrooms black outlines and bold hues showcase the products artistic freedom and creative possibilities. Collaborating with artist and designer Elodie Blanchard, NappaTile will introduce The Elodie Blanchard Collection at NeoCon. The collection of faux leather wall tiles includes a series of large-scale, graphic patterns along with intricate, small-scale motifs. Offered in a variety of standard colorways custom color, texture, and product can also be selected from the parent companys large assortment of faux leathers and wovens. Included in the fall 2018 launch will be NappaTiles first Acoustic Tile collection. Carefully crafted to reduce noise and control sound, the acoustic tiles are wrapped in beautiful sound absorbing faux leather. Each panel is offered in a variety of depths, shapes, and sizes to balance sound in all spaces. With the luxurious appearance of real leather, and the durability and price of faux leather the acoustic wall tiles provide functional wall art to any interior space.


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