Perfect Roles Are Played There for the Best Ink Cartridges

A photo print is smiles, bursts of laughter, sometimes tears too. It's a wave of emotions that will take you and those around you to retrace the memories of your life. Inexpensive, the photo print can both act as a decoration, inheritance, gift ... because the most precious moments are priceless. A unique and personalized decoration with photo printing Feeling good at home is important or even primordial. So that your house or apartment is your sweet little cocoon, nothing like customizing the decoration of your different rooms with a cheap photo print: magnets for your fridge to the image of your last trip, a photo calendar with the faces of the people you cherish most in the world, a picture board ... Ideas are not lacking for your interior to look like you. Photo print: the most beautiful family heirloom A family inheritance is often associated with a monetary, furniture or real estate wealth. Well, think again, these are not the only forms of inheritance. Owning an image of your ancestors is the best way to remember them, know where you come from and know them if you have not had the chance to meet them ... Think about your children, little ones and great-grandchildren children: making a photo print to leave them a part of your family's story is the most beautiful legacy of all. Concrete memories thanks to the photo print Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram... Social networks have taken an important place in our lives. Photos are published, liked, commented, and shared. Although most snapshots will be kept online, watching photos on screen is not worth the feel of paper to the touch. Who has never wanted to find the sensations of yesteryear, when your parents, grandparents took out the old photos that could hold with his hands, squeeze against his chest or keep close to him at any time of the day. Cheap photo printing: an economical but striking gift To please a loved one, the market value of an item should not be a selection criterion. What really matters is the gesture, and then the meaning of the gift. Offering a photo print is a great way to remind our loved ones that the time spent with them matters. Ever more original photo print media Several photo print supports exist for all tastes and for all prices. You can choose to create a photo book to retrace the memories of a trip, a milestone event. Printer quality The second important factor is the quality of the printer used. There are two basic printer qualities, graphic printers and so-called photographic printers. Graphic printers can work well with text and graphics, but have difficulty with the color shades required for photography because they often work only with black and the three basic colors. Photographic printers with the brother ink cartridges, on the other hand, are specifically designed for more nuanced colors and densities as well as increased definition. So, for the rest of this article, we will only talk about photographic type printers. Inkjet A determining factor is the color rendition and the final image quality: the number of color inks used. Some printers work from 4 colors and give fairly sharp results. By cons, when the printer uses 6 to 11 colors, the result is more nuanced and closer to reality. The recent addition of new color components such as orange and green inks as well as additional gray density have greatly improved shades of skin tones, the subtle color of a landscape and the depth of detail in the areas of shadows and highlights. For that the role of the brother printer ink is also important.


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