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The minimum for starting capital for today is huge. The payback period is (without estimating the crisis, because unfortunately we are not all prophets and we do not know how soon it will end) for a year and a half (depending on the competition, properly occupied niche, strategy of promotion on the market). Simultaneously, begin to make your business technique plan. Do not put positive predictions in it. If, as a result of the computation of cash, at least one season of unprofitable action is not enough, it is better not to begin or take threats. If you do not believe it, study the mathematical computations, although they are appropriate to pre-crisis times, and research are even more negative. And after everything has been measured and examined - decide - it you need or not. The problems is not the perfect a chance to begin new, expensive tasks. If you have cash to start a journey agent, and you do not have enough experience, it is better now to make initiatives for them, at least, for a season or two. And now function as an employed administrator - look at travel and leisure from the inside and very effectively, sampling into all the tiny problems. For the selection of certified workers it is better to use the solutions of a employment organization. Prepare records for operating with visitors and trip providers. If you do not get it yourself, you can use the solutions of law offices. Perhaps you still have positive optimism, and you are company in your initiatives to become the home of a journey agent. The home, just the easiest, is to be known as. If you made a decision to start a journey agent right now, it means that you own a certain sum of cash and know how to generate this cash. Best of all, if you have already helped a season as a supervisor and know how to offer trips, otherwise it will be difficult for you. Commissions from each marketed voucher: 5-15%, plus rewards from the journey agency for a certain number of revenue. The size of the percentage relies upon on the specific provide of the journey agency and on your desire to give a price reduction to the vacationer. Hire revenue professionals in travel and leisure. If all this does not have plenty of your time - to seek the services of a certified financial advisor or use the solutions of bookkeeping agencies. The Advertising Agency Sydney is very cautious on this matter now. advertise your organization and your actions. If you cannot get it yourself, you can use the solutions of marketing or PR agencies. Purchase furnishings, computer systems and other equipment for the task of workers. Throughout this basic interval, as well as during plenty of your time interval when visitors did not go to you extremely (and this during an emergency can happen in a season or more), you take cash from visitors, exchange cash to the journey agency, pay the workers incomes and state taxation. If you do not are able to afford for this, you can buy a ready-made, operating journey agent, try to keep the most effective workers. Luckily in the current interval, many china digital marketing agency are shut for unprofitable, so it is possible to save a lot of cash, based on the sale.


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