15 Creative Calendar Crafts

Now that fall has started and the kids have gone back to school, have you been bitten by the organizational bug that often makes people start obsessively planning and scheduling their lives out around this time of year? Well, we know we certainly have! Each year, without fail, fall and the start of school semesters and back to work time makes us feel the need to control the chaos by getting all our details, commitments, and deadlines as sorted as possible. Being the avid crafters we are, of course, we naturally always want to put a creative spin on that process however and whenever we can! Were sure itll come as no surprise to you, then, to learn that we often spend the beginning of fall making ourselves cool, DIY calendars that we can use for the rest of the year until things slow down a little bit again. Thats why were always pleased to see, when we look online, that there are so many different ways to make awesome, crafty calendars of our own!

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