15 Kids Crafts Made with Leaves

Every year in the fall, we find that our kids get entirely fascinated with the way the leaves change colours and fall to the ground. Theyre still pretty young, so their curiosity about the world around them makes complete sense, but it always warms our hearts to see them looking around in wonder at the autumn atmosphere as we walk, just like they did when they could barely toddle along besides us. Being the crafty parents we are, always encouraging them to feel inspired by the things they love and take almost anything in life as an opportunity to get crafty, we were pleasantly unsurprised when they came to use and asked whether or not they could make something awesome using the leaves wed just raked up together in the backyard. We loved the idea almost as much as they did, so we dove into an Internet search the way the kids dove into the leaf piles in the yard earlier, looking for as many cool ideas as we could possibly find so we can help them try their concept out.

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