15 Toasty Knitted Sock Patterns for Fall

Now that fall is officially upon us, our knitting needles are clicking so fast that we think they might start sparking if we dont remember to take a break every now and then! There are plenty of things we adore making in the fall, but only one thing has quite so strong an upsurge in handmade production each year that our family members poke fun at us for how many we knit. That thing is, of course, cozy knitted fall socks! Theres just something about having lots of wonderfully warm, hand knit things to keep our feet warm each day that makes us feel at home, and also like our loved ones will be well cared for no matter how chilly it gets between now and next spring. Even though we know that the people closest to us have come to expect having us knit them socks, however, we still like like to keep things interested by changing up which patterns we use and trying all kinds of new things!

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