House DSA designed by MarS Architecten

The zinc profile plate cladding refers to the basic material that used to be used regularly at farms as roofs, for example, open-air storages. The internal structure is simple: a thick concrete slab on the ground, a steel skeleton with steel deck floors. Walls and roofs were covered with standard industrial insulation panels. Both were then fully insulated on the inside and finished with plasterboard. On the outside, the facades were further finished with zinc profiled sheets, and also on the flat roofs was extra insulation added. The floors of the ground floor are in polished concrete on top of a continuous sprayed Polyurethane insulation layer. This structure was needed to be able to build a perfectly thermally and acoustically isolated cocoon within the brick structure. An additional advantage of this method on top of the concrete slab is that it is a dry method from start to finish.


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