10 Amazing Cantilevered House Designs

The disjointed and brilliantly provocative geometry of the cantilevered architecture has been a landmark of Modernism. But even today it does not fail to mesmerize. Floors and walls fail to intersect, and meet only sometimes at unlikely angles dynamic zig-zag shapes form astonishing building silhouettes. These buildings, situated over difficult terrains or constrained pots, surprise with the locations they manage to utilize just to validate the assumption that in the rivalry between nature and architecture, architecture always wins. Spaces are no longer static, with fluid and interwoven spaces being at the core of the cantilevering thrill. Here are some Extraordinary Cantilevered House Designs: 1. The Trojan House by Jackson Clements Burrows 2. The Tree House by Jackson Clements Burrows 3. Cape Schank by Jackson Clements Burrows 4. Lift by Apollo Architects and Associates 5. Beach House Las Lomas I-05 by Vrtice Arquitectos 6. Casa Para Siempre House For Ever by Longhi Architects 7. Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter Architects 8. Crossed House by Clavel Arquitectos 9. Termozon by Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados 10. Possanco by ARX

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