12 Of The Most Expensive Houses In The World

Mentioning the word Home evokes a sense of comfort and modesty. For most of us, its not the size that matters as much as the soothe and security, we feel within this place called home. Well, for those who are listed as the richest people on Earth, theres more to a home, than just modesty and utility. To these, who ace the lists of Forbes Top Billionaires and The Most Expensive House In The World, home is a place where they can spend most of their fortune, afford unimaginable luxuries and flaunt their wealth. These billionaire homes are architectural expressions born out of extravagance and vanity. Their lavishness and exclusivity not only inspire commoners towards riches but also provide opportunities for experimentation, with some of the most expensive and uncommon technological innovations. 1. Antilia, Mumbai, India, owned by Mukesh Ambani 2. Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-mer, France, owned by Lily Safra 3. Fair Field, Sagaponack, N.Y, owned by Ira Rennert 4. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, U.K, owned by Lakshmi Mittal 5. An apartment in One Hyde Park, London, U.K, owned by Rinat Akhmetov 6. Ellison Estate, Woodside, California, owned by Larry Ellison 7. 16 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, U.K, owned by Roman Abramovich 8. Blossom Estate, Palm Beach, Florida, owned by Kenneth Griffin 9. Xanadu 2.0, Seattle, WA, owned by Bill Gates 10. Silicon Valley Mansion, Los Altos Hills, CA, owned by Yuri Milner 11. Broken O Ranch, Augusta, Montana, owned by Stanley Kroenke 12. 15 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, U.K, owned by Tamara Ecclestone

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