6 Houses Designed by Famous Architects to be Their Family Homes

One of your earliest dreams, probably, as an architect, or maybe as a child aspiring to be an architect, was to build your own home. You have probably even designed the house of your dreams before, if not for an architecture school project, then you did it in your own free wondering time. Now that you know it takes more than just professional knowledge to be capable of building your own home, you are keeping your dream design safe for the day when the time comes and you have, well, the money to do it. So, here are big names in the world of architecture who got there before you and designed their own dream homes. Free of restrictions and limitations by clients, this what these famous architects came up with as an image for a home. 1. Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Oak Park, Illinois 2.Gropius House Lincoln, Massachuttes 3.Glass House / Johnson House New Canaan, Connecticut 4.Casa das Canoas Barra de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro 5.The Aalto House Munkkiniemi, Helsinki 6.Gehry Residence Santa Monica, California

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