BARDAJ Creates Magical Lighting That Plays with Light and Shadow

When designing your home, do you think about your lamp choices as art? BARDAJ Lighting Experiences designs lamps that play with the juxtaposition of light and shadow. Rather than focusing on an aesthetic during the day, BARDAJ focuses on transforming a space at night. The signature light projections expand across their surroundings, creating an awe-inspiring mood. BARDAJ lamps bring art and edge back into home design. Today, most lamps are boring, generic or high-end and expensivewhereas these inspiring pieces are affordable light installations you can use to transform any room. These lamps are functional and sturdyand the effect they have is inspired by embracing the shadows of life. The polarity of darkness and light is the most influential force; for one cannot exist without the other. BARDAJ creations are symbolic of this core belief of embracing both our inner light and our inner shadows.


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