Ocean Themed Crafts for Kids

The weather where were living right now is still quite warm; unseasonably so, if were being honest. Even so, our kids have definitely started getting back into fall mode now that school is starting up again, coming home each day excited about what they learned and ready to ask us more questions and read about their favourite topics or combine those with their creative skills (like the little craft lovers they are) rather than immediately wanting to run around outside, like theyve been doing the last few months through the summer. Thats why we werent surprised in the least when they came home from school the very first day ready to talk our ears off about sea creatures and the ocean, since that was the topic of their first reading exercise in their new classrooms! We adore the fact that theyre creative enough kids to think of the concept of using their school topics as crafting inspiration all on their own, so weve been spending some time lately looking up awesome resources that will help us keep up with them, helping them to make all kinds of cool ocean themed things until they move onto the next awesome topic. Just in case your kids adore sea life and ocean facts just as much as ours do, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest and most fun ideas, designs, and tutorials weve come across so far in our search!

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