Top 3 EDC Survival Knives Under 50

Regardless of your budget, you need a good survival knife as part of your bug out bag. If youre like most preppers, you want the best knife you can get for your money but you also have to consider balancing out how much you can spend on any single item when youre on a tight budget. You may want a cheap (inexpensive) edc knife, but that doesnt mean you need a cheap (quality) knife. Most high-quality knives easily run $150 and up, with custom options going above and beyond even $500. While thats nice if you can afford it, chances are you need a few knives around, one for your main bag, another for your get home bag. And they need to perform if the need arises. Morakniv Bushcraft Forest Fixed BladeOutdoor Knife Schrade SCHF10-BRK Fixed Blade SurvivalKnife SOG SEAL Pup Fixed Blade M37N-CPTactical Survival Knife


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