Classy and Reclusive Cabins on Stilts Take You into a Secluded Nordic Forest

It is good to get away from it all times; when things become a touch too hectic for our liking. But that is not a luxury that most of us can afford both in terms of time and resources. Providing one such reclusive and unique escape are the PAN-cabins designed by sivilarkitet espen surnevik as. Nestled in the woodsy Eastern forests of Norway, these gorgeous rental cabins on steel stilts instantly stand out visually thanks to their design and elevated presence. The cantilevered style of the cabins not only gives them a wonderful presence, but also allows those inside to take in the canopy and enjoy unabated forest views. With a steel spiral staircase encased in a protective cylinder, the entry to the cabin is as amazing as the idea itself!


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