Lamboo Skyline Series

The Lamboo Skyline Series Product Line provides an array of custom profiled ceiling products that can be included in a variety of ceiling applications. Lamboo Skyline offers unique and sustainable product solutions per the project requirements. Skyline Series interior products utilize NAUF adhesives to help meet interior air quality standards. Ideal applications for Lamboo Skyline include: drop ceiling tiles, fire-rated ceiling tiles, ceiling clouds, grilles, baffles, egg-crate, lightweight paneling & components, and custom CNC profiled ceiling tile shapes and patterns. Contact us today to learn more about the Lamboo Skyline Series via phone at 866-966-2999 or via email at You can also visit us online at #engineered #architectural #laminated #bamboo #Lamboo #sustainable #innovative #building #materials #interior #exterior #usgbc


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