DIY Projects Using Alcohol Inks

If you, like us, are the kind of DIY enthusiast who adores keeping up with trends in the crafting world and trying your hand at each thing that becomes popular, just to see what everyone is raving about? Then were sure you probably know all about alcohol inks already! Theyre one of the latest projects to sweep the attention of DIY enthusiasts across the globe and the moment we started looking up tutorials with the thought to try our hand at it ourselves, we could immediately why everyone is so obsessed! These inks look almost like watercolour paintings but they have the ability to adhere to all kinds of different surfaces rather than just paper, meaning you can make almost anything look like a colourful, swirled masterpiece! Needless to say, we fell into a spiral of beautiful images and painting possibilities the night our curiosity got us searching for ideas and now we feel like we cant get enough of them.


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