15 Great DIY Projects Made With Sponges

When it comes to crafting with just about any material, weve always been fans of choosing ones that are a little bit unconventional. By that, we mean that we love making neat DIY projects out of things that you wouldnt necessarily normally look at and think of as a craft supply. Were particularly huge fans of that idea when the material were working with is actually a household item that can be creatively upcycled! For example, we recently found a bulk pack of unused kitchen sponges in our pantry while we were cleaning that wed forgotten about and never used. We didnt need that many sponges for our dishes, so we found ourselves browsing the Internet looking for inspiration for things to turn the sponges into and we were actually pleasantly surprised by how many awesome concepts we came across! Just in case youre as intrigued as we were about the idea of making things with sponges, here are 15 of the most creative and unique designs and tutorials we uncovered in our search.

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