Study Time: 15 Creative and Easy Ways to Upcycle Damaged Books

When it comes to clearing our home out of things we dont use or need anymore, well be the first to admit that we dont always do a fantastic job of it. Dont get us wrong; were not hoarders or anything, we just cant stand getting rid of things that might be upcycled or creatively reused! If theres one thing we have the most trouble getting rid of, however, its absolutely books. Even when theyre old and damaged, it breaks our hearts to see them abandoned or discarded! Thats why were always on the lookout for creative ways to upcycle and reuse damaged books into things we can display or use. Just in case youre feeling as intrigued by the idea of repurposing old, damaged books as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the most creative tutorials, designs, and ideas that weve come across in our quest for creative book saving so far!


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